Watch the Webinar: Talent Resilience: The Key to Unlocking The Power of Your People

Plum Jam Sessions: Talent Resilience: The Key to Unlocking The Power of Your People

Traditional talent approaches aren’t keeping up with diverse, inclusive cultures and leaders aren’t getting the best from their people. Why? Conventional wisdom for understanding people’s true talents no longer holds up to the realities of today’s world of work. Hard skills alone don’t reliably predict future job performance because the criteria for success is constantly changing.

Purpose-driven leaders have an evolved approach to talent. Instead of reacting to change, they proactively build talent resilience. Talent Resilience is a data-driven approach that simultaneously accounts for the dynamic nature of both jobs and human potential. Quantifying human potential allows leaders to truly understand what people can do, eliminating the rear view mirror approach to what they have done.

Watch the conversation with Jason Averbook, Co-Founder and CEO of Leapgen and Caitlin MacGregor, CEO of Plum in a fireside chat as they unpack what drives and drains your workforce, and how to predict great potential and execute on resilient talent strategies.

They will drill into:
- Resilience and why it’s essential for a company’s success
- Helping leaders take an unbiased, transparent approach to mapping talent to the best available opportunities
- How to strengthen performance, quantify human potential, collaborate on job needs, predict talent success, widen career paths, and make skills transferable
- How a universal data-set offers an accurate view of employee’s innate talents


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