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In the workplace, hard skills are only part of the equation; your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors also have a big impact on the tasks that energize you, your career goals, and even what kind of work environments you enjoy the most.

The Plum Discovery Survey will give you valuable self-insights into your top talents, work preferences, and work style to help you navigate a career path where you can thrive.

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Your Development Journey with Plum

Step 1

Step 1: Complete your Plum Profile

Complete your Plum Profile to surface personalized insights for your self-discovery and professional development journey.

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Step 2: Explore your Talent Guide

Here you’ll find information on what drives and drains you along with suggestions on how to improve.

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Step 3: Explore your Talent Guide with others

After exploring your Talent Guide, it is helpful to then review it with others to get additional feedback and understand their perspective.

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Step 4: Set Development Goals

Download your Talent Guide Worksheet to help you think about where you want to develop to be successful in your current or future career.

Step 5

Step 5: Identify ways to develop your Talents

Review suggestions, books, courses, and more to help you take action with your Talents.

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