Talent Resilience
Is the Bold path forward

Instead of reacting to change, purpose-driven leaders are charging forward by proactively building Talent Resilience.

Talent Resilience is an unbiased, data-driven approach that simultaneously accounts for the dynamic nature of both critical jobs and human potential. It empowers leaders to accurately align talent with business strategy at speed and scale.

Quantified human potential is a universal talent metric, rooted in I/O psychology that measures ‘soft skills’ which are 4X more accurate at predicting how successful someone will be in a role than hard skills and knowledge alone.

Plum has created the first Talent Resilience Platform that empowers leaders to know their people, see their next best move, and align people to opportunities where they'll thrive, so that businesses thrive too.

Identify talent with unbiased data. Explicitly know their best move. Align talent and business at speed.


Is your organization ready to embrace a bold path forward?

Every company is at a different stage when it comes to aligning diverse talent with changing business strategy.
Some can do it with more accuracy than others. Gauge where you are on the journey to Talent Resilience
and receive tailored resources that can help you along the way.


We sat down with industry leaders to get their insights on the rise of purpose-driven leadership, the importance
of data-driven adaptability, and exactly what it will take to accelerate DE&I from 'feel-good conversations'
to inclusive employee experiences for everyone.



Purpose-Driven Leadership

Interview with Jill Popelka, President at SAP SuccessFactors

What does it take to be a purpose-driven leader? Why does it matter so much today? Where will it disrupt talent practises the most?

del_plumInterview_EDWARD- Updated

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

Interview with Edward Hurley-Wales, Principal at EHW Consulting

How do you bring DE&I commitments to life?  How does unbiased data play a role in talent decisions?


Data-Driven Adaptability

Interview with Jenny Dearborn, Chief People Officer at Klaviyo, Plum Board Member

What talent data will drive the most adaptability for organizations? Why is that data a game-changer?


Talent Resilience

Interview with Jason Averbook, CEO at Leapgen

How do you unlock the power of your people? How can Talent Management become more resilient?

Talent Resilience: Bold Leadership for Accelerated Change eBook

Talent Resilience: Bold Leadership for Accelerated Change

Purpose-driven leaders can accelerate overdue change by choosing a bold path forward. Building Talent Resilience is part of that path. Learn what Talent Resilience is, why it matters and what it takes to build it in your organization.

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Building Talent Resilience: 7 Talent Strategies for Purpose-Driven Leaders

With the right data and technology, HR teams can apply unparalleled speed, accuracy, and fairness to multiple strategic talent initiatives. Our Talent Resilience Playbook lays out the business case for how you can make your talent strategies more resilient, including:

  • Workforce Re-orgs
  • Workforce Planning
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Development
  • Team Building & Insights
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Talent Resilience Platform