3 Things TA Leaders Think They Know, But Are Mistaken

Live with Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer and Analyst at Lighthouse Research and Advisory 

Date & Time: To Be Announced

“You’re doing it wrong.” We all need a friend in our corner who can say that to us, both kindly and firmly. In many organizations today, we think that we know what’s important, but there’s a good chance that we may be off the mark in one or more areas. What if we could get an impartial, objective set of insights that can help us to see where we’re on the mark and what we could improve?

In this session, Plum CEO Caitlin MacGregor and Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer and Analyst at Lighthouse Research and Advisory, will dive into brand-new data and findings captured in Lighthouse Research’s latest Talent Acquisition Trends study based on the responses of 1,000+ employers and 1,000 candidates.

They’ll be exploring topics like:

  • Why candidates may actually like some assessments
  • What is driving ghosting in the workplace (hint: some of it’s our fault as employers!)
  • Prioritizing what we say and communicate during the hiring process

Unlike most research presentations, this will be engaging, practical, and dynamic. In addition, you’ll be able to ask the Talent Experts questions live during the session, gain insights into the challenges you and your team are facing and get exclusive access to the latest study. 

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Caitlin MacGregor and Ben Eubanks


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