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Talent Badges - Innovation@2x

What is Innovation?

Generating novel solutions and creative ideas to solve problems.

Teams prioritize this talent for a role because:

  • Presenting unconventional ideas can decrease costs and improve work effectiveness
  • Pursuing creative ideas yields the development of innovative products
  • Encouraging others to develop creative solutions promotes a culture of innovation
  • Pursuing a creative endeavor despite obstacles retains focus on the ultimate goal

An ideal candidate will need to:

  • Determine the most efficient ways to implement cutting edge strategies
  • View problems from a unique perspective in order to overcome obstacles
  • Generate creative ideas and approaches to improve existing products and services
Innovation includes the following competencies:
  • Formulating Plans to Implementation: Determining steps, prioritizing actions, and incorporating contingencies to implement new initiatives.
  • Generating New Ideas: Proposing, supporting, and encouraging creative approaches and ideas.
  • Identifying The Impact of Possible Solutions: Identifying potential outcomes, obstacles, drain on resources, and reactions to implementing new ideas.
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