Make the right hire. Every time.

  • Find diamonds in the rough that you wouldn’t have considered based on a resume alone

  • Align your hiring team with clear, collaborative, and customizable role requirements

  • Mitigate bias without even trying

  • Predict with certainty the quality of your hire with the partnership of AI and I/O Psychology


Try Plum for 7 days. We won't even ask for a credit card.

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4x more predictive than a resume.

Human capital potential quantified like never before.

Be 5X more predictive of the quality of your hires now (and in the future) through the collaboration of AI and I/O Psychology.

Reduce resume fatigue

Reduce Resume Fatigue

Spend 80% less time reading resumes so you can dedicate your time to the best people.

Diversify your hiring

Diversify Your Hiring

Make your company 35% more financially successful by diversifying your hiring pipeline.

Onboard Faster

Onboard Faster

Cut onboarding time by 67% and save time, energy, and financial costs.

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