Make the right hire. Every time.

With the power of Plum, find a diamond in the rough that you wouldn’t have considered based on a resume alone. Get your hiring team on the same page with clear, collaborative, and customizable role requirements. Mitigate bias without even trying. Predict with certainty the quality of your hire with the partnership of AI and I/O Psychology. Do it all with Plum.


Try Plum for 7 days. We won't even ask for a credit card.

Your privacy is important to us and your information will be kept confidential.
4x more predictive than a resume.

Human capital potential quantified like never before.

Be 5X more predictive of the quality of your hires now (and in the future) through the collaboration of AI and I/O Psychology.

Reduce resume fatigue

Reduce Resume Fatigue

Spend 80% less time reading resumes so you can dedicate your time to the best people.

Diversify your hiring

Diversify Your Hiring

Make your company 35% more financially successful by diversifying your hiring pipeline.

Onboard Faster

Onboard Faster

Cut onboarding time by 67% and save time, energy, and financial costs.

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