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What is Decision Making?

Making high-quality decisions based on limited information.

Teams prioritize this talent for a role because:

  • One must quickly and effectively consider the pros and cons of a decision
  • Maintaining a positive attitude despite objection demonstrates confidence in one's decisions
  • Key stakeholders must be included in decision-making so that all relevant information is considered
  • Holding oneself accountable for errors in decision-making ensures avoidance of future errors

An ideal candidate will need to:

  • Clearly explain the reasoning for a decision to the necessary parties
  • Demonstrate confidence in and advocate for a decision once it is made
  • Implement plans that are designed to avoid critical errors
  • Take calculated risks in the pursuit of company interests
Decision Making includes the following competencies:
  • Acting With Confidence: Making decisions confidently, decisively, with positivity, and with a clear rationale.
  • Evaluating Consequences Of Decisions: Listing, considering, and evaluating consequences before making decisions.
  • Generating Alternative Solutions: Defining the problem, collecting information and ideas, and considering alternatives before making decisions.
  • Taking Responsibility For Outcomes: Accepting responsibility for unintended consequences and incorporating criticism and feedback to avoid future mistakes.
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