Conflict Resolution

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What is Conflict Resolution?

Bringing others together to resolve conflict and reconcile differences.

Teams prioritize this talent for a role because:

  • Work involves managing a variety of competing interests and demands
  • Gaining engagement and commitment from each party is integral to any solution
  • Managing conflict in a productive way contributes to organizational performance

An ideal candidate will need to:

  • Deal with a variety of perspectives and competing goals
  • Find agreeable solutions for all parties involved, through civil discussion
  • Separate personal from professional conflict
Conflict Resolution includes the following competencies:
  • Engaging in Dialogue: Tackling conflict by facilitating discussions, asking questions, and listening without interruption.
  • Finding Compromises and Solutions: Reaching mutually agreeable solutions by seeking creative options, negotiating, and building consensus.
  • Understanding Multiple Perspectives: Seeking, examining, and accepting other viewpoints.
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