Human Potential Quantified
Like Never Before.
  • Spend 80% less time and be 4x more predictive than resume-based hiring with the power of AI and I/O Psychology.

  • Grow and own your talent data to understand how any resource is going to perform in any role - before making any hiring, succession planning, or promotion decisions.

  • Step up your candidate and employee experience by providing everyone individualized professional development guides that highlight their unique talents.


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Human capital potential, quantified like never before

Human Potential Quantified

Be 4X more predictive of the quality of your hires now (and in the future) through the collaboration of AI and I/O Psychology.

Ditch the guessing game.

Ditch the Guessing Game

Predict on-the-job success before you even look at a resume by measuring innovation, teamwork, adaptability, and more.

Diversify your talent pipeline.

Diversify Your Talent Pipeline

Diverse team produce 35% better financial results then homogeneous ones.  Increase performance and build a better world!

Align your hiring team.

Align Your Hiring Team

Say goodbye to awkward job requirements meetings and finger-pointing when no “good candidates” are sourced. Take a 6 minute survey and get everyone on the same page with science.
Build a talent pipeline.

Build a Talent Pipeline

With Talent Rediscovery, effortlessly build a database and use AI to prospect every candidate who has ever applied for a job at your company - evaluating their fit for any role with one click.

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