blue on white squareLeveraging People Analytics to Advance Internal Talent Mobility and DE&I

In this webinar, Plum CEO, Caitlin MacGregor, joins HR Analyst Josh Bersin and Janet Mertens of The Josh Bersin Company to discuss:

  • New research findings on talent acquisition and internal mobility and current trends shaping HR Technology. Hint: behavioral assessments play a key role
  • How Plum is helping organizations look beyond historical data and use objective data instead to quantify job fit and eliminate bias to hire, grow and retain talent
  • Real-world examples from two case studies released by The Josh Bersin Company 

Highlights from Josh Bersin. Watch the full webinar by clicking below.

Watch the webinar

Case Studies

Learn how two global enterprises successfully executed their talent acquisition, internal mobility and DE&I strategies by using Plum’s talent assessment platform and people analytics.

FY22_Bersin Case Studies cover-sitel groupDownload the case study

Sitel Group Enables Internal Talent Mobility With A Behavioral Assessment

With a rapidly growing global business in a constantly changing and volatile business environment, the Sitel Group’s HR team recognized the need to streamline processes, systems, and tools across their locations while investing in and developing their people – making it a core business priority.

Learn how Plum helped the Sitel Group:

  • Establish a common language and dataset around talent needs, potential and competencies
  • Instill fair and objective processes to assess talent and deploy the approach across 26 countries
  • Support the development of its people through diverse experiences, exposure, coaching, and career opportunities

FY22_Bersin Case Studies cover-scotiabankDownload the case study

Scotiabank Transforms Campus Recruiting Replacing Resumes with Behavioral Assessment

To optimize the hiring process to be fair, objective, and data-driven, Scotiabank wanted to establish an approach that would allow them to know the whole human—hiring individuals for their potential and the behavioral skills they bring, and not necessarily just education and previous work experience.

Learn how Plum helped Scotiabank:

  • Advance DE&I by adopting a “resume-less” screening process and raised their hiring for visible minorities to 60% 
  • Objectively determine job fit and potential for early talent based on their behavioral skills
  • Improved candidate experience and almost doubled the retention rate of campus hires to 46%