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What is Adaptation?

Adjusting to changes in the workplace while maintaining a positive demeanor.

Teams prioritize this talent for a role because:

  • Demands and objectives often change
  • Change must be managed and incorporated into processes
  • Work inconveniences and impositions are likely to occur
  • Dealing with uncertainty requires a calm approach

An ideal candidate will need to:

  • Embrace a changing work environment
  • Anticipate, plan for, and adjust to changing demands and preferences
  • Respond calmly to and persevere through obstacles
Adaptation includes the following competencies:
  • Preparing for Change: Anticipating change and planning for possible contingencies.
  • Embracing Uncertainty: Demonstrating composure and resilience when faced with setbacks, ambiguity, and stressful situations.
  • Responding to Change: Effectively reacting, responding, and adapting to change.
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